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Plasma screen and AV hire for private/corporate events in London and the UK

Please fill out the form above and include as much info as possible about your requirements. We will normally send you a reply via email within 20 mins. Info provided is used soley for the purposes of providing a quotation.
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The majority of Plasma screens hired from us are going to be setup on a floor stand. All floor stands hold the screen at at least 5.5ft to centre of the screen so the screens are always at least at average eye line view.

All stands hired with a Plasma Screen come with the option of having a shelf attached to place a laptop or other device on. This is height adjustable on the VS1000 stand(free included floor stand) though not adjustable on most other stands.

Most floor stands hired with a screen also have trolley wheels on the bottom. This is useful for positioning the screen and moving away after usage though some clients may prefer a stand without wheels.

All cables can be routed through the stand so as to keep everything looking neat and tidy and keep attention on your presentation and not

plasma screens on floor stands
screens on floor stands
screen hire on stands
screen on table stands

Sometimes there are circumstances where the Plasma Screens you hire might be better mounted on their table top stands. As in the example above if elevated desktop space is available to place the hired screens on then this may be preferable to floor stands.

Mounting the hired screen on a table stand can be very useful when mounting on large heavy duty shelving and custom made Exhibition spaces.

Screens can be secured using kensington locks and locked to nearby fixtures. Laptops and other media devices can be stored behind the screen for a tidy looking setup

If you want to hire screen and your not sure what would be the most suitable mounting method then please contact us for information on the best way to do things

screens on wall mountes
walla mounted plasma screen hire

Wall mounting a hired screen is normally an option when you might be exhibiting at an Exhibition and have a custom purpose built stand. The sections where you would like the hired screen to be mounted should be at least mdf strengh material and have a support panel where each screen will be placed.

Cables can be routed from the screen and through the wall surface to the media device which would normally be behind the wall. Sometimes you might want to have the media device screen side so it can be operated with th screen. Ask about our wireless HDMI solutions.

It can also be very usefull to use small media boxes instead of laptops or DVD players when wall mounting the hired screen as these can be hidden behind the screen and out of the way and still can be operated via remote control.

It is not recommended to wall mount the hired screen in non temporary installation environments where brick wall or other surfaces would be involved that can cause damage. The are some venues where they won't mind drilling into the walls but generally this is to be avoided.


Prices are UK pounds sterling and exclude VAT
8 way HDMI distribution unit
hire HDMI tv

With HDMI distribution units we can connect multiple screens together to be spread around the venue for the coverage needed to get to your audience.

We may also use multiple distribution units to connect to each screen for hire to keep things looking tidy and not having the cables coming from one unit
macbook pro
Connecting a Mac?

That's fine, we can connect a Mac to any Plasma Screen for hire but you will need to verify the model of the Mac so we can bring the correct adapters along.

Apple have changed the video output port on many upgrades over the years hence us needing to know. The brand new Macbook Pro's have started using HDMI out which is great but it may be a while before we need to forget adapters

PA speaker for Plasma screen hire
Use a PA monitor speaker?

The speakers built into the Plasma screen that you may hire are of course quite basic and meant for basic sound with only mid range frequencies

If you require more high quality sound with your screen then we can provide a small PA system or single speaker that can easily connect to the laptop or other media deivice to provide excellent sound quality

media player
Media players

Most of the Plasma Screens for Hire are able to play media via USB though they do differ in their capabilities and compatability. The can all display at least pictures via USB though anything else would need to be tested prior.

As an alternative to this we have media player boxes that are designed for the job and have a lot more compatability. They connect to the Screens for Hire via HDMI and are up to 1080p.


You can rest assured that....
All screens hired are PAT tested for electrical safety
We have pubic liability insurance in place
Our technicians are highly trained in the use of the equipment
All equipment is tested prior to delivery
screen hire in london

Our pricing for Plasma, LED & LCD screens for hire to really give your event that wow factor.

Need Multiple Screens?
We can connect a limitless amount of screens together to give full coverage of even the largest of venues
All LED Plasma Monitors for Hire:

- Free eye level floor stand

- Full HD 1080p for best quality

- VGA, HDMI and Video inputs for laptop/DVD players

- Built in speakers

- Eco friendly

- Anti glare

- All cabling included

We are a London based company and can deliver, setup and collect the required equipment as and when required. The cost of this service will depend on location and equipment required though we consider ourselves to be the cheapest in London!

Remember that as well as hiring your LED Plasma monitor we can hire all your sound, lighting and camera equipment and apply discounts where possible!

Please fill out the form above including location and equipment required and we will get back with a quote asap

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plasma hire london
40" Plasma Monitor hire on a Unicol VS1000 trolley stand
This is the standard screen hire package for Exhibition stands and places where presentations might be shown to small groups of people and individuals. We can supply a DVD player or you might want to bring your own laptop or even a mobile phone/iPad!
Day hire 75 | Week hire 220
led screen hire in the london
52" Plasma Monitor hire on a Unicol VS1000 trolley stand
Our 52" LED plasma monitors are ideal for showing presentations to small groups of people in product demonstration cenarios and are also frequeny used in multiples to spread around venues and cover large audiences.
Day hire 130 | Week hire 320
plasma hire london
60" Plasma Monitor hire on a Unicol VS1000 trolley stand
These 60" LED plasma models are excellent for either presenting with wow factor to small/medium groups or can be setup on stage at medium events to show live feeds or products in action. Again Multiples can be setup around venues and linked to one source
Day hire 200 | Week hire 500
plasma hire london
70" Plasma Monitor hire on a Unicol VS1000 trolley stand
These amazing 70" LED plasma screens have to be seen to be believed. If you have a large audience or simply want to blow them away with life size full HD imagery then this would be the screen for you. Hopefully the venue has large doors as this ones a beast
Day hire 350 | Week hire 700
plasma hire london
80" Plasma Monitor hire on a Unicol Large stand
New to our screen hire fleet is the Largest LED plasma screen ever built. As you can imagine this screen is suitable for all medium and large events where getting your message across is to be done without compromise
Day hire 380 | Week hire 950
plasma screen stand options
Any screen Plasma hired comes with a free Unicol VS1000 floor stand though as you might want to have something a little different there are a few other screen stands you might want to consider. Note that height to centre of screen on a VS1000 stand is 153cm.
Height to centre of screen 184 cm
Height to centre of screen is 161 cm
Add £30 per day
Add £20 per day
screen hire pricing
Description Daily rate Weekly rate (3-7 days)
Plasma LED Monitors    
24" Plasma LED HD Monitor 30 80
32" Plasma LED HD Monitor 60 170
40" Plasma LED HD Monitor 75 220
42" Plasma LED HD Monitor 75 220
50" Plasma LED HD Monitor 130 320
52" Plasma LED HD Monitor 130 320
60" Plasma LED HD Monitor 200 500
65" Plasma LED HD Monitor 250 600
70" Plasma LED HD Monitor 350 900
80" Plasma LED HD Monitor 380 950
Floor Stands    
Table stands for all screen makes free free
Unicol VS1000 floor stand free free
Unicol Flat base floor stand 20 50
Unicol Axia floor stand 25 60
Unicol Parabella Floor stand 30 80
B-tech single pole floor stand 20 50
Remember every screen hired comes with a free Unicol VS1000 floor stand including shelf for laptop or DVD player. Prices exclude VAT and delivery charges. Please complete a quick quote form, email us or give us a call for a complete quotation. We always try to be the cheapest screen hire company in London! All screens have VGA and HDMI inputs for connection to laptops and DVD players in the best quality
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