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Plasma screen and AV hire for private/corporate events in London and the UK

Please fill out the form above and include as much info as possible about your requirements. We will normally send you a reply via email within 20 mins. Info provided is used soley for the purposes of providing a quotation.
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lapel microphone hire
Hire a Lapel Microphone?

Lapel microphone are the most comfortable way to present using a microphone though not always the best sound quality. Smaller rooms can cause feedback problems with lapel mics at higher volumes hence we only recommend them for larger venues and when sound is to be recorded only.


pa ipod dock hire
Connect your ipod to a PA?

We can connect your ipod/phone etc to any of our PA sound systems for hire. Simply let us know and we can provide the correct cables. We also have some PA systems for hire that include Ipod docks so you can plug your ipod/phone directly to the PA system and even charge your device at the same time.

We can also connect laptops and any other device to a PA sound system also. Just let us know and we will bring the cables!

Active(powered) speakers have amplifiers built into them making them very convenient for quick setups. High quality active speakers mean that the amplifiers have been perfectly matched to the speakers and limiters are normally built in to protect the speakers

Passive speakers are usually used where lots of speakers are to be setup and controlled from one point and usually are of very high quality

Passsive or active?
pa speaker hire
Description Daily rate Weekly rate (3-7 days)
Active(powered)speakers (the easy way)    
Mackie THUMP 15"(pair) w/stands 500w 100 250
Mackie SRM 450 12" (pair) w/stands 400w 150 300
Samson Live 512 12" (pair) w/stands 400w 100 250
Samson XP308i (pair) w/stands 250w 80 200
Mackie 15" Sub 300w 150 350
Samson 18" Sub 500w 200 500
Passive Speakers(for larger installations)    
EV 12" Driver (pair) w/stands 300w 100 250
EV 15" Driver (pair) w/stands 500w 150 325
EV 18" Driver (pair) w/stands 600w 250 450
EV sub 18" 700w 300 500
EV sub 22" 1000w 400 700
Amplifiers(needed for passive speakers)    
QSC various wattage POA POA POA
Microphones(make yourself heard)    
Handheld wired Shure sm58 20 50
Handheld wireless Sennheiser 30 70
Lapel wireless Sennheiser 30 70
Headset wireless Sennheiser 30 70
PZM microphone 50 120
Various instument microphone POA POA
Lighting(create the vibe your event requires)    
LED Par can 56 20 50
LED par can 64 40 100
DMX controller for LED par can. 8 ch(for colour changes etc) 100 250
Martin moving head 250 400
Camera(stream and capture forever)    
Canon Mini DV camera 50 150
Canon 5d mkII(various lenses) POA POA
Blackmagic cinema camera(various lenses) POA POA
Panasonic hpx 171(various lenses) POA POA
Manfrotto hd504 tripod POA POA
X3 red head film lights POA POA
Smoke machine 400w 30 80
Smoke machine 800w 40 100
Fog machine 3kw 200 450
Various lasers POA POA
Prices are UK pounds sterling and exclude VAT
screen hire in london

We can provide all your AV needs at your event. To really go for that wow factor why not add some high quality sound equipment and maybe add some atmosphere to the venue with some coloured LED uplighters. We can even film the event and burn DVD's for you

LED lighting?

Pretty much the same as traditional par can style lighting except for the lack of heat from the traditional cans and also the lack of colour gels. The LED par cans are able to produce just about any colour when used with a DMX controller eliminating the need for gels

We can provide stands for the LED par cans to make them uplighters for use when lighting up rooms or objects. They can also be mounted on lighting stands when higher level lighting is required

How many speakers?

As you might have guessed the more the better. The more speakers used to reach an audience the less the speakers need to be cranked up. This helps with comfort levels as well as general sound quality and also noise pollution where this can be an issue

You may want us to include sub woofers with your mid range speakers in situations where music will be an important part of the event. Sub woofers start from 15" active cabinets all the way up to passive 22" full size cabinets

Wireless Microphones?
In situations where desktop microphones or other wired microphones are not deisirable there are a few wireless options. Wireless Hadnheld mics are just how they are described and are ideal if the presenter is able to hold a mic during the presentation. Another option where handsfree operation is required is a wireless headset(Madonna) style mic. These are great for demonstrations etc but some presenters may not want to have something on their head. In this case the final option Lapel or tie clip mic comes in. A very useful option though not ideal in smaller rooms as feedback issues occur
vent screen hire
8 LED Uplighters with 8 channel DMX controller
With this package you can easily change the colours and hence the vibe and ambience of a room with the push of a fader. Really transform a room or marque from boring to cool and atmopheric. The LED uplighters for hire come with floor stands or can also be mounted on lighting stands
Day hire 300 | Week hire POA
* Conference
* Weddings
* Parties
6 speaker large room PA with up to 4 wireless microphones
This high quality audio PA hire package is suitable for very large rooms and halls for conference and award ceromony environments. Wireless microphones included which can either be tie clip lapel style or handeld. Smaller and larger PA audio systems are available for hirer also
Day hire 600 | Week hire POA
* Award ceromonies
* Conference
* Large presentations
Party PA package with 2 speakers / 2 subs and 2 CDJ's
For when music is the key and a DJ is needed we have this setup ready made and ready to fire up the party. We can also supply a DJ, simply let us know the kind of music you want and we will do the rest. This PA hire package is also available with Technics Turntables if you like things done the old school way
Day hire 400 | Week hire POA
* Weddings
* Christmas parties
* Birthday parties
Projection screen / medium PA hire package
If you want to have a small cinema style screening or maybe a presentation that involves sound then this pro audio visual hire package is the one for you. It also includes two LED uplighters to go with the screen and add some extra vibe and ambience
Day hire 250 | Week hire POA
* Small Movie screenings
* Presentations with audio
Full awards/conference package
This package includes a 14ft projection screen/drape kit for screen/4 LED uplighters/7k lumen projector/6 speaker PA/Wireless microphones/follow spot light/general lighting. This package is the full setup for any large awards night or conference
Day hire 1250 | Week hire POA
* Large Conference
* Large Awards
* Large Presentations
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