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Plasma screen and AV hire for private/corporate events in London and the UK

Please fill out the form above and include as much info as possible about your requirements. We will normally send you a reply via email within 20 mins. Info provided is used soley for the purposes of providing a quotation.
Add the professional touch to fastfold screens at awards cermonies and professional presentations by adding drape kits to your screen and projector hire package
Drape kits are available in blue and black . Why not add some LED lighting for that true professional look. Hire prices from 150 per day
Prices are UK pounds sterling and exclude VAT
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Whether you need a projector to hire in London for a presentation or need to project onto a building we have the equipment and experience to make every scenario a success.

Lumens are the measurement in which projectors are rated for their brightness. This is the most important factor to consider when deciding which projector to hire. Too bright can be a waste of money but not bright enough can be a problem. For most setups with moderate screen sizes and low/moderate lighting 3-4k lumens is going to be sufficient. In environments where daylight may be present or strong lighting is used at the venue then more powerful projectors might be hired. Of course genreally the larger the screen the more powerful the projector hired should be also
Front or rear projection?
This literally means whether the projector will be in front or behind the screen. Basic tripod quick setup screens are only able to offer front projection but all of the fastfold screens have the option of rear projection. Having the projector in front of the screen(front projection) has the advantage of quicker setup times and also being able to have the projection screen flat to wall if desired.
Having the projector behind the screen(rear projection) has the advantage of the projector being hidden and also means that people can walk in front of the screen without getting in the way of the projection light
High definition and resolution?
Whether you require HD or High definition resolution from the projector you hire depends mostly on what your media consists of. If you are showing a powerpoint or other presentation you may be fine with a high quality XGA resolution projector and not require HD. If you are showing a blu-ray movie, widecsreen presentation or other HD content then you would want to hire a HD projector to show the media in its full glory. A HD projector should have HDMI/DVI input and handle HD resolutions from 720p-1080p
You're using a Mac?
That's fine, we can provide an adapter from your Mac to either HDMI or VGA for free. Please let us know when hiring a projector. Most modern Macs have a mini display port output but if you have a mac that might be older than 3 years old then please let us know as it may require another type of adapter. If you want to connect and Ipad or Iphone to the projector hired we can also provide adapters but please contact us for further info and compatability. All basic cabling and adapters are included for free to connect to any device though please advise requirements
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projector hire package 1
3k Lumen SD Projector & 7ft tripod based screen
This simple affordable package is suitable for presentations and picture slideshows where front projection is not a problem(having the screen in front of the projector) and HD content is not being used. Up to XGA resolution. Suitable for medium ambient lighting and not direct daylight
Day hire 80 | Week hire 230
* Office Presentations
* Picture slideshows
* Parties
projector hire package 2
3k Lumen HD LED Projector & 8ft wide tripod based screen
The package for front projecting high quality content onto a large tripod based screen. Simple yet very effective setup. Add a PA system for a portable HD cinema. Upto 1080p resolution. Suitable for medium ambient lighting and not direct daylight
Day hire 140 | Week hire 320
* HD movies screenings
* Picture slideshows
* Presentations
projector hire package 3
5k Lumen HD LCD Projector & 8ft tripod based screen
If the environment is quite bright but you don't require an enomous screen then this is the setup for you. 5k lumen onto an 8ft wide screen is usually overkill but if you have some daylight coming through or a very bright room then this is ideal. Upto 1080i resolution. Suitable for ambient daylight into a room and strong artificial lighting
Day hire 200 | Week hire 500
* Office Presentations
* Picture slideshows
* Bright environments
projector hire package 4
7k Lumen HD LCD Projector & 12x9ft fastfold screen
Front or rear projection for large events that demand a huge screen and powerful projector. Can be self supported in conference/studio environments or hung from truss/bars in theatre/club type environments. Upto 1080i resolution. Suitable for ambient daylight into a room and strong artificial lighting
Day hire 450 | Week hire 900
* Large Presentations
* Medium Conference
* Large Clubs
12k Lumen HD DLP Projector & 14x10ft fastfold screen
For mega powerful super HD imagery in almost any lighting environment this is the package to choose with the same front/rear projection screen as above. Suitable for awards ceromonies, large clubs and professional conferences with daylight present. The fastfold screen can be either self supported or hung from lighting/truss bars
Day hire 850 | Week hire 1700
* Large Conference
* Large awards
* Large Clubs
plasma screen stand options
For simple quick setups a tripod based screen is usually the best option. With sizes up to 8ft wide though large professional setups can be created. Where rear projection is a must or you need to hire a screen that is very large then a fastfold screen style will be the best option. If you're not sure which screen styel to hire then please contact us for advice

Front projection only

6x6 / 7x6 / 8x6 ft

Matte surface

High adjustable


Front & rear projection

See table below for sizes

Free standing or hangable

screen hire pricing
Description Lumens
Suitable for Type Resolution Daily rate Weekly
Optoma ES520 3k Powerpoint / Picture slideshows LCD XGA 50 140
Casio XJ-A255 LED 3k HD Video in medium ambient lighting DLP WXGA/1080p 120 340
Sanyo XP-51 4k Powerpoint / medium ambient lighting LCD XGA/1080i 120 340
Sanyo XT-25 4.5k Large screens / medium lighting LCD XGA/1080i 140 350
Sanyo XP-56 5k Large screen / medium lighting LCD XGA/1080i 170 370
Sanyo XP-200 7k Large Screens Medium Building Projections LCD XGA/1080i 350 800
Panasonic PT-DW90XE 9.6K Very large Presentations & graphics DLP WXGA POA POA
Panasonic PT-DS100XE 10.6K Very Large screen presentations DLP SXGA+ POA POA
Panasonic PT-DZ110XE 10.6k Very large Widescreen & cinema DLP WUXGA 1080p POA POA
Panasonic PT-DZ12000E 12k Vary Large widecsreen in bright rooms DLP WUXGA 1080p POA POA
Panasonic PT-EX12KE 13k Large Screens in brightly lit room LCD XGA 750 1800
Panasonic PT-EX16KE 16k Use in very bright rooms and on buildings LCD XGA 900 2800
Panasonic PT-DW17KE 17k For huge cinema and presentations DLP WXGA POA POA
Panasonic PT-DZ21KE 20k Super vivid screenings & building projections DLP WUXGA 1080p POA POA
Description Size w x h Suitable for aspect front/rear projection Daily rate Weekly rate
Tripod screens


7x6ft tripod base 7x6 ft / 213 x 183 cm Quick setups is office boardrooms and small presentations anywhere 4:3 /16:9 front only 30 80
8x6ft tripod base 8x6 ft / 244 x 183 cm Events where large projection is required with quick setup time 4:3 / 16:9 front only 40 100
Fastfold 4:3            
8x6 ft fastfold 8x6 ft 244 x183cm Professional projection screen for events /medium conference 4:3 front /rear available 80 220
10x7.5 ft fastfold 10x7.5ft 305x229cm Medium conference / Presentations 4:3 front /rear available 100 260
12x9 ft fastfold 12x9ft 366x274cm Medium large events /Presentations 4:3 front /rear available 120 280
14x10.5 ft fastfold

14x10.5ft 427x320

Large conference / clubs / concerts 4:3 front /rear available 150 340
Fastfold 16:9            
8x4.5 ft fastfold 8x4.5ft 244x142cm Small/medium widescreen screenings 16:9 front /rear available 100 260
10x6 ft fastfold 10x6ft 305x175cm Medium Widescreen screenings / presentations 16:9 front /rear available 130 320
12x7 ft fastfold 12x7ft 366x211cm Large / Medium Widescreen screenings / presentations 16:9 front /rear available 150 400
14x8 ft fastfold 14x8ft 427x320cm Large cinema screenings 16:9 front /rear available 200 500
16x9 ft fastfold 16x9ft 508x294cm Massive cinema screenings and premiers 16:9 front /rear available 400 1200
Remember every screen hired comes with a free Unicol VS1000 floor stand including shelf for laptop or DVD player. Prices exclude VAT and delivery charges. Please complete a quick quote form, email us or give us a call for a complete quotation. We always try to be the cheapest screen hire company in London! All screens have VGA and HDMI inputs for connection to laptops and DVD players in the best quality
Platinum Presentions provide Audio Visual / Plasma Screen Hire
Platinum Presentations are based in Finsbury Park just north of central London. Hire a screen from us and we can reach most central London venues within 20 minutes!
Established in 2006 Platinum Presentations have been providing quality service and AV equipment to the events industry with a new approach. We aim to be efficient and provide eco friendly equipment whilst always aiming to achieve the wow factor
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